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I had just finished my siesta when Lovi kicked me out of the house for a walk in the park or something. He said something around, "I need at least an hour without your loud spanish ass babbling or your loud snoring bastard!" and he kicked me out to take a walk or something.
Lovi is so cute when he's angry! Just like when he was a little chibi!
I walked through the park, skipping around trees, chasing squirrels, and avoiding women who tried to flirt with me.
I didn't feel like dealing with pretty ladies today, just needed some time alone, to clear my mind, like Lovi wanted!
I walked into a secret garden that was hidden in the back of the park, no one has found it yet, except for me.
I walked towards an old unfinished gazebo that I sat around when I needed to clear my head.
But I found something different in my gazebo, not just a small white bench, but a beautiful girl sitting on it.
He had messed up (h/l) (h/c) locks that fell like a curtain, shielding her (e/c) eyes. She had ripped jeans and an old (f/c) t-shirt, a worn out grey messenger bag hanging off her right shoulder.
She was sketching in a small sketchbook that looked almost full. She had kicked off her worn out red converse, and was wearing ripped up white socks, where her toes were sticking out.
I thought she was so cute! I could have squealed and snuggled her right then and there.
"Uhm… hello?" I say, making the girl jump at least 2 feet and she dropped her sketchbook. Pages fell everywhere, drawings of scenery, animals, people, etc. She was an amazing artist from what I saw in the drawings.
She frantically tried to collect her papers, I knelt down to help her pick them up.
When she finished she quickly stuffed the papers in the sketchbook, put them in her bag, slipped on her shoes and dashed off.
I chased after her and grabbed her arm.
"Hey, chica! Why are you running? Let's be friends!" I beamed. She groaned and rolled her eyes, yanking her arm out of my grasp.
"Why would I want to be friends with you?" she snorted, crossing her arms. Wow, she was just like Lovi.
"Because you found my secret spot, you're cute, and you look like you need a friend." I smiled, completely unfazed by the comments. I guess I'm immune to it because of Lovi. She blushed at the cute comment.
"Well, okay, whatever, what's your name weirdo?" she asks, adjusting the strap of her bag.
"Antonio! Antonio Fernandez Carriedo." I said, beaming at my new friend.
"Okay, we don't need your full name. I'm only giving you my first name. It's (name)." she rolled her eyes. "Now, I gotta go."
"Can I have your number or something? So we can get in contact or something?"
"I don't have a phone."
"Whoa, really? Well, do you live around here? We could hang sometime or something like that." I offer. The color drains from her face. She averts eye contact.
"You could say that." she tries to turn and walk away, but I grab her again.
"You have a home don't you?" I ask, she doesn't answer. "Are you homeless?"
"NO you idiot!" she slaps my hand away. She fidgets with her messenger bag again.
"I'm not homeless… I… ran away." she bites her lip. "And since I have no where else to go… I come here. It's peaceful and no one can find me, bother me or take me away."
I stood there, awestruck. "Why did you run away? Who would want to leave their home, their family." She frowns and shakes her head.
"Hah, you don't understand do you. Maybe you had a nice and perfect family, but not everyone has happy lives you know. Or at least I didn't. My parents never listened to me, didn't see me as their daughter, I had to do everything myself. They loved my brother though. Heh, they took him on vacations and left me at the house without any money. I had eat whatever was left in the fridge by the end of the week, and you know how much there was? Nothing. Practically nothing. I had to walk everywhere, buy my own clothes, hell, I didn't even have a bed. It was like they didn't even know I was there. And you know what, I think running away was better than living in that hell hole." she hissed, venom in each and every word, she hated her family with passion. You could tell she wanted to cry, but she didn't, her eyes were shining with tears, they just never fell.
I grabbed her and pulled her into a tight hug. She tensed at first, but relaxed slowly and cried into my shoulder.
I just met this girl, but it feels like we've known each other forever.
"You know, this is the first hug I've had in years." she whimpered and wrapped her arms around my waist, realizing the major height difference.
"Well you can have more if you stay in a proper home with good people." I smile.
"What are you saying?" she asks.
"I'm saying that you can stay with me and my friend since you have no where to go." I say, she pushes out of my arms.
"I can't do that! I'm fine on my-" her stomach growled loudly.
"You hungry?" I smirk. She growls and nods. I take her hand and we walk back to my house.

~Time Skip to House~

"Hey Toni! Where the fuck have you-?! WHO THE HELL IS THIS?! DON'T BE BRINGING CHICKS HOME BASTARD!!!" Romano screeched when we walked into the mansion.
"Great friend you got there." she groans sarcastically.
"What did you say idiota?" Romano growled. (name) just ignored him and he started to turn red with anger.
"Who the hell is this Antonio?" he glares at me.
"This is (name). She ran away from home because of 'family' reasons so she'll be staying with us, so be nice!" I say. They shoot daggers at one another, lightning flashing between their eye contact.
"Heheheh, okay, who wants to eat?" I cheer. A flash of excitement flashes through (name's) eyes. I laugh and travel to the kitchen with Romano to make spanish and italian cuisine.

~Time Skip to Dinner~

I set a plate of steaming pasta in front of (name). Not caring for manners, she devoured the plate before we could even start.
"Wow, you must not have eaten for a while." Romano says with a disgusted look on her face. She wipes her mouth and glares at him.
"For about 5 days, only ate free samples at grocery stores until I got kicked out, I still think it's better than at my actual home." she fiddles with her silverware.
"You don't miss any of your family members, no one at all?" I asked delicately.
"Nope, but I had a cat named Timmy, he was my only family. But I couldn't take him with me or else my family would search for him and find me." she pouts, poking at some tomatoes on her plate, probably thinking about her cat.
"So how long have you been away from your family?" Romano asks.
"Three months." she says. We both go wide-eyed, three months? And they still haven't looked for her?
"How did you survive?" I ask. She snorts and looks at me.
"Well, when you're forced to be independent and do things on your own for most of your life, you learn a few things." she stabs a tomato violently, taking out her frustration on the red fruit.
"Oh, okay." I say, an awkward silence falling over the table.

~Later that Night~

Romano and I left (name) alone in the living room to watch some movies and be alone, and so we could work on papers and things like that.
I checked my digital clock on my desk. It read 12:08 a.m. Maybe it was time to tell (name) to go to bed.
I went down the flight of stairs to check on (name).
"Hey (name), I think we should go to-" I walk into the living room to find (name) sound asleep on the brought red couch, cartoons playing on the T.V. at a low volume.
She was curled up in a fetal position, with her head laying on the arm rest. Her breathing was even and her face looked gentle and vulnerable.
I walked up to her and tucked her hair softly behind her ear. I sighed and carefully picked her up. She was very light and skinny, but unhealthily skinny.
I walked to a guest room, two doors away from my room. I layer her in a queen sized black bed. I tucked her under the covers and she fidgeted, rolling over and sighing.
I smiled and kissed her forehead.
"Sweet Dreams (name)."

To Be Continued...
Another beginning of a series! :iconyayspainplz:
I don't know if I'll be dedicated to this one though... :iconspainsulkplz:
But I'm excited for the start of some series! :icondancingrussiaplz:
But I won't update till next weekend though, because school is a bitch and I won't have time! :iconcanadawtfplz:

Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story belongs to :iconhetalianspice:
You will soon belong to :iconsexyspain2plz:
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Dawww this is going to be a good story~~~~so seeet so far and the reader does sound like me .-. lolXD oh romano you little arse
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I like it so far! It's a very original idea, and I think the characters you use blend in well with the story. I can't wait to see the next one c:
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