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February 24, 2013
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(Contains: strong language)

"Hey (name)!~ I made that Tumblr thingy you told me about!" a smiling Spain greeted you.
"Really Antonio?! Omg, follow me already!" you laughed, walking up to him and his laptop, which was peppered with tomato stickers.
"Follow you? (name), I only just figured out how to post pictures. I've already posted pictures of me, you, and Lovi! I even put a few pictures of Lovi and I when he was a little chibi! Lots of people 'followed' me too! They said they were fans of the great Espagna!~" he cheered.
"Toni, don't post things to random people you don't know. So be careful with what you post, k?" you warn him. He nods and beams.
You spend a few minutes teaching Spain about the ways of Tumblr, you held back laughter at the clueless Spaniard.
Later, an angry Italian bursts through the door. You saw this coming.
"ANTONIO!!!!! WHY THE HELL DID YOU PUT PICTURES OF ME ON TUMBLR YOU BASTARD?!?!?!" Romano yells, carefully avoiding you and smacking the brunette on the head.
"Ow! Ow! Lovi~ I'm sorry~ You were just too cute~" he cries, rubbing the growing bump on his head. "I posted pictures of (name) too!~"
"But me as a chibi?! Come on Toni that is-a so-a fucking embarrassing!" Romano groans as his face reddens.
"It's okay Lovino, I'll watch and make sure he doesn't do anything stupid okay?" you giggle and pat the Italian's back. He huffs and crosses his arms.
"Fine, ragazza, but-a if he-a does something even more stupid, I'm-a blaming you."
You smile and nod as he takes his leave.
"(name), Anon-y-mouse wrote something I do not understand on a picture of me and little Lovi." he says, pointing to a comment on the laptop screen. You read it.

<-Anonymous: What the hell is this? Is he a pedophile or something?>

"A-non-y-mous, Toni, Anonymous. And what kind of comment is this?" you frown.
"(name), what does pee-do-phile mean?" he asks innocently.
"Pe-do-phile, Toni. And it means uhm… well, it mean someone who touches… children inappropriately." you say quietly. His face drops.
"Wha? I would never-" you cut him off with a smile.
"Don't take it to heart Antonio! There are always mean people on the internet! This jerk doesn't even know how heavy that word is. Man, teenagers these days, thinking 'rape' and 'pedophilia' is something to say so easily." you mumble. But you look back into his emerald irises. "Just ignore it. I get mean comments all the time. But, if it really bothers you… talk to me okay?" he nods slowly and you kiss his cheek.
"I gotta go, okay? Call me later!" you smile again and leave the spanish man's house. You slam the door quietly, still a bit uneasy about the situation. But you believed he could take this well, I mean, he was always with Romano right?

~Next Morning~

Spain's POV

I yawned loudly and walked down the stairs, running my hand through my messy brown hair. I ate a few ripe tomatoes and decided to check Tumblr.
I booted the laptop (name) gave me for my birthday and found a desktop photo of (name) and I. I sighed and smiled, (name) was so cute.~
I opened my internet browser and typed in tumblr in the search browser.

<(72) notifications>

I clicked on the notification box and found many comments, I read each one carefully. I first found one on a picture of (name) and I.

<Anonymous: Damn, is he banging that chick? She is smokin'~>

'Banging'? I believe that (name) told me that was a rude was of sexual intercourse. I never understood American terms.
I just brushed it off, like (name) told me, but I was a bit irritated that they would talk about (name) in such a rude way.
I looked at another photo of me and Roma, I was smiling and of course my little Romano was pouting.

<Anonymous: Are they gay?>
<Anonymous: Wow, that spanish guy looks like a complete dumbass! lol.>

Gay? I did like Roma, and thought he was adorable but I kind of liked… (name).
My heart kind of tugged at the 'dumbass' part. Did I really look that stupid? In just a simple photo? I groaned a bit. Why were these people so mean?
I hesitantly clicked on the last comment, a picture of me and chibi Romano.


My eyes stung a bit. I would never do that to Romano. I looked through other comments, posts, reblogs, etc. There were many nice comments, but also some mean ones. There were many 'pedophile' comments that I found.
I shut my computer quickly, enough of these comments… should I call (name)? No, I wouldn't want to really bother her.

~Next day~

Again, I looked through hundreds of nice comments but also many mean comments. Many mean comments degrading (name), Romano, and myself especially.
I bit my lip hard, closing my computer again. My phone rang a familiar ringtone that signaled Roma was calling. I picked up the phone slowly.
"Yes?" I said dully.
"What is wrong with you bastard? You don't sound cheery." my italian friend asks.
"What? Nothing is wrong Lovi~ Just tired is all." I laugh as real as possible.
"Hm, I know you idiot. Something is wrong I know it." he hisses.
"It's fine Lovi, just some mean comments. But I got over it okay!~"
"Whatever, bastard. But come over tomorrow at my place for some lunch with (name) and I. She wanted you to come over."
"Okay, mi tomate!~ See you tomorrow!~" I mustered a smile and hung up. I groaned and closed my computer, why were people so mean?

~Next day~

I frowned and opened my laptop once again, to find even more mean comments. Was it just me or were the 'pedophile' comments coming more and more.
My bottom lip trembled a bit before I realized hot tears streaked my cheeks. I started to sob and I ran to my bedroom and locked myself in a closet. God, I was such an idiot.

Your POV

"Where's Antonio?" you asked curiously. Romano huffed and glared at you.
"Hell if I know, that bastard sounded dull on the phone yesterday. Probably wasn't up for some lunch." he groaned.
"Toni? DULL? That'll happen when hell freezes over."
"Well, yah, it was weird for him completely."
"I think I'm gonna go check on the dork, something ain't right." you pout, zipping to the spaniards house in an instant.

~At Spain's House~

You burst through the door. "SPAIN!!~" you screamed. No answer.
You burst through each and every door in the mansion-like house, calling for the spanish man in each one at a loud volume.
You finished at his room, "ESPAGNA!!~" you yelled, again no answer. You were just about to walk out when you heard sniffling from your friends closet.
You ran up to the closet doors and flung them open, to find a crying Spain. Your heart broke at the sight of the sobbing spaniard. You fell to your knees and embraced him.
"Toni, what is wrong?" you ask, petting his brown curls.
"The 'pedophile' comments on the Tumblr thing, there were just, so many! I thought I could handle it, but I just couldn't! It wasn't like Lovino at all!" he whispered, clutching your (f/c) hoodie tightly.
"Why didn't you call me?" you asked, frowning deeply. His breath caught.
"I didn't want to annoy you."
"Annoy me? Whatever Antonio, like you could ever annoy me." you smile sadly, wiping away stray tears on his face and placing a soft kiss on his warm lips. His face heated up rapidly.
"What- You- Huh?" he stumbled.
"Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, I love you with all my heart and I want you to put these stupid people behind and remember that I am always here for you, kay'?" you place another kiss on his forehead and nose.
"Thank you (name). Te amo." he beams and kisses you again.

This relates to my France fan fiction about "rape".
Again, pedophilia is a sensitive subject and shouldn't be used so lightly, especially calling one of our beloved Hetalia characters something like that.
If you want to read the rant I put for "rape" go to [link]
That rant is exactly the same for pedophilia.

The act or fantasy on the part of an adult of engaging in sexual activity with a child or children.

As real Hetalia fans would know, Spain would NEVER do such a thing. So please, respect this character and don't refer to him as a 'pedophile'.

Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story belongs to :iconhetalianspice:
You belong to :iconspainsparklesplz:
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brightpaw8 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014
BITCHES ABOUT TO GET ATHROW DOWN! *pulls sleeves up and cracks knuckles
ShanaRiel Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I feel so bad for poor Spain :(
Lsyolmaeone Featured By Owner Edited Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
In society, people tell us to shine. When we do act different, they shun you. Nicer than normal? For a child, that is fine, but when we grow up, we are called...names.  I hereby promise that I will never do that. It's just plain cruel. Unless, of course, they actually do do that... But I know they won't, 'cause I have hope in humanity. Do your part. WHO IS WITH ME!?!?!
shadowangel33 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
"kicks america in the face"I KNOW YOU DID IT
:iconhetaliaamericaplz::iconsaysplz::iconscaredamericaplz:I'M SORRY,I PROMISE I WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN
MysteryGirl787 Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
Ugh!!! This is what I hate!! People would always say that Spain, France, and Prussia are perverts/pedophiles/rapists. But they are not. Have people ever thought that if they were real (that would be awesome) and heard these comments. They would be broken inside. Crying. And locked themselves in their room. They have to read and listen to those horrendous things. I love hetalia and I hate it when people talk bout smack about the hetalia characters.
NirvanaRivera Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh. Oh. Oh. peoples about to get slapped if I ever hear this. :/
KuoshitsujiGirl Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
I hate it SO DAMN MUCH when people call Spain a pedo!!!! -3- 
HetaliaElSalvador17 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Me Too Even Tho I Don't Like Him He's Still Shouldn't Be Insulted
extreme-otaku77 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013
I really hate how some people think of Spain and a lot of the characters like that!
Spain is not a pedophile, France is not a rapist, Prussia is not a major pervert, Russia is not a psychopath, and Belarus is not an incestuous murderer!! I think that taking these things seriously about the characters is disrespectful to them and Himuruya!!!
I absolutely love Hetalia, and making light jokes about them is fine, but it can be really hurtful!! :(
EmoHetaliaJapan Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013   Writer
WHAT?! dum people DX SPAIN is so awesome pssh they just don't get him. Loved the story! =D sad but heart warming at the end
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