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"Dudes! Who the hell is that?" America boomed, finding an injured girl on the world meeting table.
"I don't know, she fell from zhe sky during axis training." Germany says.
She groans a bit before getting up slowly, everyone backs away curiously.
She had (h/l) (h/c) hair, strangely dull (e/c) eyes, bandages were the only thing that covered her chest, and short ripped shorts.
She had two large 'things' on her back, which peeked America's curiosity.
"Hey what are those things?" he asks. She jumps back, startled by processing all the beautiful men surrounding her.
"You bloody git! They are obviously wings!" England growled, nearly face palming. The american's eyes widened, and he ran up to touch the extra appendage. She flinched and spread her wings slowly, painfully wincing doing so.
"Oh my god!" England frowns.
Her wings were large and beautiful, but battered. There were pure white, at least, under all the scratches and dirt. Oddly, the left wing's middle was completely gone and wrapped in bandages. The feathers and bandages were soaked red.
"Mon Dieu!" We must tend to them!" France exclaims, about to attack the wings, but England stops him.
"Git, talk to the woman before touching her wings. Love, what happened?" he pushed away an angry France and walked up to the girl gently. She looks at him softly and swallows.
"I was shot at." she says, voice melodic. The countries go wide-eyed. "People believe winged countries are rare and worth much money, and they at me because I was the most vulnerable of the flock." she sniffs and retracts her wings slowly. "Unfortunately, the bullet was so strong it wiped out the entire middle of my left wing, and that is how I fell." she cringed in pain.
The Englishman frowned sympathetically and picked up the fragile girl.
The other countries gasp at his mysterious amount of strength he had in him.
"We must clean and re-bandage the wings. Japan, please help me." he states. The black-haired country nods and they leave with the girl.
The other countries are left standing and completely jealous at them stealing the beautiful mysterious girl.

~Le Time Skip~

The two men unwrapped the fragile wing delicately and washed the appendage, as well as the other, of blood and dirt, revealing a beautiful pure white wing, but the injured one had the middle of it completely missing and stained red.
England disinfected and wrapped the wing, earning cries and flinches from the small girl Japan searched for  clean clothes for her to wear.
After searching, he found a small old kimono and cut slits in the back for her wings.
They left the foreign girl to change and when she exited, she was glowing.
"Beautifur." Japan whispered.
"Absolutely stunning." England added quietly.
The girl wobbled a bit, causing the distracted men to get confused, and she fainted.

~Le Time Skip~

The girl lay in a large red bed, courtesy of America.
"Dude, what happened now? Did you feed her one of your 'delicious' scones." America huffed, snorting. England twitched.
"Shut it you bloody git. She collapsed after we finished tidying her up, probably from all the blood loss and stress." he sighed.
"She is even more beautiful when she is clean." France smirked almost pervetedly. England smacked him, causing a 2-second fight, but quickly stopped.
"What is up with her wing-aru?" China asked. Japan frowned.
"The middre of her wing was brown crean off by the burret." he says.
"And sadly, we cannot fix it." England hangs his head.
"Ve~ What about your magic England?" the bubbly italian offers.
"I mostly use dark magic, but I guess I could see if I have a reportion spell somewhere." he sighs.
Again, the girl slowly opened her eyes. The nations kept quiet and stood up.
"Hello love, are you alright?" England asks the girl.
"Yes, I'm fine. I am so sorry to bother you all like this." she bows.
"No it's fine. You were very injured and we were happy to herp you." Japan smiles. She smiles back, earning a blush.
"My name is (name), my country name is (country name). Call me whatever you want." she says.
"Hey dudette! I'm Alfred, or America, the hero! The old grumpy guy is Arthur, or England. Pervert there is Francis, or France. This is Yao, or China. The big scary guy is Ivan, or Russia. That's Kiku, or Japan. That's Feliciano, or Italy. And the serious on is Ludwig, or Germany." America explains.
"Wonderful! Nice to meet you all!" (country name) beamed, she resembled as of an angel to the group of men.
"Do you have a family? Someone we could return you to?" England asked. All the light in the girl washed away.
"Well, I technically don't have a family, I was going to be kicked out of my flock anyway. I was a terrible flyer." she laughed, disheartened. The countries felt sympathy for the poor winged girl. "And now I'll never return, or ever fly again. So there is no fucking point in having wings at all!" she started to cry, quickly trying to rub it away with her sleeves.
"Ve~ Please don't cry (name)!~ You can stay with… umm-" Italy tried to find someone that had space to take her in.
Someone spoke up. "I'll take care of the chica!"

To be continued...
My start to my first series! :iconyayromanoplz:
But the problem is... I tend to get writer's block often or am too lazy to update. :iconromanosulkplz:
I probably will post chapter 2 tomorrow because I wrote this in my journal and decided to post it...

Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story belongs to :iconhetalianspice:
You belong to :iconcuteromanoplz: ... but not yet. :iconpervyfranceplz:
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