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Spain woke up, groaning as he slowly got out of bed.
He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as he walked to Romano's room to wake up the cranky southern italian.
But what he found was a surprise, his little Lovi and (name) curled up against one another in Romano's king-sized bed. A large smirk painted itself on Spain's features.
He quickly took out his cell phone and snapped a few photos.
"France is gonna love this. Ya, Lovi, get some!" he snickered to himself. He felt a hard book hit him in the head, he doubled over, clutching his head.
"Bastard! Stop being such a creeper and you better not send that to wine-bastard!" Romano hissed in a whisper, careful not to wake up (name).
(name) groaned a little and rolled over, large wings knocking Romano off the bed.
Spain burst into uncontrollable laughter as the brunette cursed in italian under his breath. The laughter of the spanish man woke the small girl quickly.
"What the? What happened?" she rubbed her eyes sleepily, the men blushing at the large jersey that was completely falling off her bare shoulders.
"I'm sorry chica, I woke you up. Did you sleep well with Lovi?" he smirked. She blushed, as well as the angry country laying beside the bed.
"SHUT UP BASTARD! GO MAKE SOME FUCKING FOOD!" Romano screeched. Spain just laughed and skipped out of the room, dodging another flying book to the head.
(name) was confused and blushing, "I'm sorry I bothered last night." she whispered.
He groaned and sat back down at the foot of the bed, "No, it wasn't a bother. You were-a scared and didn't want to sleep-a alone. I understand." he flashed a small smile to assure the winged girl.
She giggled, grabbed Romano's hand, and dragged him out of the bedroom and downstairs to a steaming breakfast made by Spain.
The two sat down, as well as Spain, and the group started eating. They chatted a bit, mostly Romano yelling at Spain, and (name) giggling at the grumpy italian.
Spain took note at the atmosphere between the two, Romano blushed at (name), she giggled and talked openly with him, and he never cursed or yelled at her. Spain smiled to himself because this was good for Lovi, someone he could be himself with beside his brother and Spain.
"What is with the creepy smile bastard?" Romano spat, stopping a conversation between him and (name) about tomatoes.
"Oh nothing~" Spain swayed, Romano huffed angrily but brushed it of, continuing to talk to (name). This, Romano never did, he always picked fights at Spain, and this made the spanish man smirk even wider.

~At World Meeting~

All the nations had gathered to the world meeting this morning, even little Sealand, who was very fond of (name), which angered Romano a little.
(name) met almost all the nations, each one enjoying her company and welcoming her. She became great friends with Hungary and little Liechtenstein.
Much to her brother's dismay, Liechtenstein started to call (name) big sister, which made (name) herself very happy.
Romano was slowly becoming irritated by all the introductions and talking with (name), he was becoming impatient, and waited for the damn world meeting to start already.
France walked up to (name) during mid conversation with Austria about playing the piano, and wrapped his arms around her waist, laying between her wings.
"Bonjour mon chéri? Sleep well?" he purred, she shivered at his gesture. Romano fumed and stomped up to the two, ripped the frenchman off of (name) and pulling her to his chest.
"Don't touch her so suddenly wine bastard! Get the fuck away from her!" he shouted at him, dragging (name) out of the conference room, leaving a stunned France and a widely smirking Spain.

While dragging (name) outside, Romano plopped them both on a bench outside. He touched her wings and stared at her intently.
"You okay? That-a fucking pervert always-a touches people so freely. Sorry you had-a to deal with-a that." he groaned, putting his head into his hands.
She smiled and rubbed his back, "It's okay, thanks for looking out for me."
Romano blushed and flashed one of his rare smiles. (name) looked up and found a tall girl with short blond hair and green eyes looking at her with a look of, disgust, or maybe, hatred.
She walks up to them and gives a look at (name) and glomps Romano.
"LOVI~ It's been so long! I missed you!" the girl squealed. The italian man jumped and (name) gave a questioning look at the two. Were they dating? She felt a strange twist of pain in her chest as she stared at the the two.
Romano saw that look on (name's) face and quickly pushed the girl off.
"Belgium?! What-a are you-a doing here?" Romano asked, the smile dropped from Belgium's face, but quickly re-plastered.
"To meet your new friend Lovi!~ She is SO cute!" she pinched (name's) cheeks, so hard (name's) cheeks turned red, and it hurt a lot. Romano slapped her hands away.
"Don't pinch so-a hard Belgium!" he says, and she pouts, jealousy flashing though her eyes as Romano held (name).
"Lovi~ They need you in the world conference room~ Or I'll make brother drag you~" she giggled. Romano's face pales.
"Okay! I'll-a go! (name), wait here, I'll be back in a minute." he grins lightly and leaves, yelling curses at the men in the conference.
(name) turned to Belgium and smiled, "Hi, I'm (name)."
"Oh, cut the crap pigeon." Belgium spat, the smile on (name's) face dropping drastically.
"Excuse me?" she asked, Belgium snorted.
"Listen, bird brain, keep your dirty paws off of my Lovi and fly back to your home town. You're getting in the way of me and my Lovino." the blond growled and walked away, flipping her hair dramatically and leaving (name) awestruck and standing next to the bench.

"What the hell just happened?"

To Be Continued…
Okay! Part three! Sorry the chapters are so short! I just really get excited to post these! :iconfrenchsquealplz:
I know Belgium is probably not a mean person but I just needed a little drama, please don't hate me! :iconyaybelgiumplz:
But hope you like this and the chappie is maybe gonna be written by this weekend, or I'll update Family Problems! :iconprussiawinkplz:

Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story belongs to :iconhetalianspice:
You belong to :iconsemeromanoplz: ...SOON. :iconsooncatplz:
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Me: *Walks up to Belgium* Hey bele!
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Ah one of the many reasons why I have a strong disliking for Belgium. She is a bitch.
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Daw, thank you~
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