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"I'll take care of the chica!" Spain spoke up. ((Hah! You thought that was Romano didn't you!)) Apparently him and Romano were there the whole time.
"What?! What are you saying bastard?!" Romano wails. Spain snuggles (country name) tightly, causing her to giggle.
"Aw Roma~ Don't be that way! We have so much space in our house and she is so cute!" Spain whines, smothering the small girl.
"Okay, that's settled then. You'll have to provide her more clothes as well, please take good care of her." England says. Romano huffs. "Now I think we should all go. We will have an ALL world meeting about (country name) tomorrow. Sleep well (name)." he states and leaves. The countries exchange goodbyes and the Spaniard takes the winged girl to their home.

~Le Time Skip to House~

"So, (country name)…" Spain speaks. She raises her hand.
"Please, call me (name)." she smiles. Spain squeals and once again snuggles the girl to death.
"So cute!~ Chica, so rude of me, I am Antonio, or the great and wonderful Espagna!" Romano snorts. "And the cute grumpy on there is Lovino, or South Italy, but we call him Romano."
"Shut up bastard!" he turns red and runs to his room, slamming the door.
"Why is he so angry? DId I do something wrong?" the girls pouts. Spain laughs and ruffles her hair.
"No, chic, Roma is just very shy. He'll get used to you eventually."
The Spaniard leads her to a large room with a green, flowery bed that Romano used to sleep in when he was little.
He gave her a large spanish flagged jersey to change into for pajamas and rewrapped her large injured wing.
"Ah~ They are so large and beautiful" he sighs, taking in the beauty. She shakes her head quickly.
"Were, you mean." she groans. He laughs.
"Don't worry, they're lovely. I apologize for your unfortunate fate with your wing thug. What kind of idiot would shoot at such beautiful wings on such a small, fragile, adorable girl." he brushed his finger-tips lightly on the feathers of a wing.
She shudders and blushes at his compliment.
"Alright chica, time to get some sleep. If you need anything, Romano is next door." he grins and leaves her to rest.

~Later that Night~

Another boom of thunders sounds. (country name) shoots up, the thunder sounded like gunshot. She panted heavily, cold sweat beading on her forehead from another nightmare.
Light flashes across the room and more thunder boomed. She shook violently, tears starting to gently slide down her face.
She stumbles out of her room and blindly searches for the next door, jumping at the thunder once again.
She bursts through a bedroom door, finding the italian sleeping soundly, hair and curl splayed across his pillow.
"L-Lovino! LOVINO!" she cried, trying to wake him up, shaking from the storm. He wakes up, about to punch someone for disturbing him.
"What the idiota-" he starts to growl, but stops at the sight of the poor trembling girl with her head between her knees, crying.
"Ragazza? What is-a wrong?" he asks. Another boom of thunder, and she jumps into his arms, clinging tightly to the blushing man. She cried into his bare chest. ((Italians sleep naked ;3 But he's wearing boxers don't worry! :3))
"T-The thunder, s-sounds like g-gunshot. I'm having nightmares. I'm s-scared Lovino." she chokes between sobs.
He sighs and gently wraps his arms gently around the girl, stroking her wings in a soothing manner.
He carefully lays her under the covers and wraps them up tightly, bodies touching.
He embraced her and whispered, "Don't-a worry, you can-a sleep with-a me."
She sniffs and smiles, nuzzling her face in the built chest of the italian.
The rest of the stormy night, Romano tightened his warm hug whenever (country name) jumped to a boom of thunder or a crack of lightning.

To be continued...
Second part!~ :iconyayromanoplz:
Finally some action between you and Lovi~ :iconfrenchsquealplz:
I don't know when the next part will be out but I'll try my best to get it out soon! :iconcuteromanoplz:

Hetalia belongs :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story belongs to :iconhetalianspice:
You belong to :iconsexyromano2plz: ...almost. :iconpervyfranceplz:
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What the not blusheing a hell of a tomato storm?
HetaliaNatalia Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Student Artist
((Italians sleep naked ;3 But he's wearing boxers don't worry! :3))

xXMoon0WolfXx Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Damn it why Italians sleep only with boxers? E-E My worst nightmare :u
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UNF! :iconpelvicthrustplz:
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:iconfrenchsquealplz: SO ADORABLE!
Chocofernia Featured By Owner May 28, 2013
.___. I feel like weirdo >3< I honestly thought her wings would be like her E-zone >3<.
Sleeping with a Romano.... ? I have a feeling he'd probably end up pushing me off the bed >3<
Anyways ~ I love your story ~
Pucca2000 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
That was so beautiful!
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when spain wakes up he's gonna be like WTF
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Hell yes! Im in the same bed as Romano!
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D'aw Lovi is shy~
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