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March 31, 2013
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Romano shifted slightly on the couch, feeling uncomfortable. He opened his eyes slowly and stretched, hissing a bit. His back was killing him.
He felt the soft fabric of a knitted italian flag blanket that covered his brother and himself. He stared at it a while to process, but then realized it was from you and smiled.
He looked around for you and found you curled up on one of the individual armchair. You were sleeping soundly, breathing slow and (h/l) (h/c) splayed across the chair.
He nudged his brother awake, because Veneziano's feet were laid across Romano's stomach, which Romano deemed uncomfortable as well.
"Oi, Feliciano, wake up. We should make breakfast for (name), she gave us this blanket while we were sleeping and now she is sleeping on the chair!" he groaned, getting up and shoving the still waking up Italian little brother.
"Aw, (name) is so sweet!" he yawns, snuggling the blanket. Romano rolled his eyes and shuffled into the bright (f/c) kitchen of their female friend.
He took out the little amount of eggs you owned. (You didn't like eggs) Although he was Italian, he started to make batter for pancakes, because he knew you loved them, ever since Mattie (Canada) made you taste them when you were younger.
"Fratello!" Veneziano squealed, hugging his brother. Romano yelped, dropping an egg and flour flies everywhere.
"Godamnit Feliciano! Let go-!" he yells back, only to hear a flash of a camera. They turn to find you smirking and holding a camera. He throws his little brother off of him.
"Ah, brotherly love. But please, don't make such a mess in my kitchen please." you laugh, running a hand through you messy (h/c) hair and striding over to the counter. "Jeez, you guys are so much more peaceful when you're asleep."
Romano blushes and pouts. Veneziano giggles and skips over to hug you.
"(name)! You're so cute when you're asleep!" he grins, nuzzling his face in your cheek. You giggle and Romano looks a bit jealous. You smile and signal him to come over there. He hesitates but slowly walks towards you, also hugging you and laying his head on your shoulder.
"You guys are such little kids. But that's why I love you two!" you giggle, kissing the tops of there heads lovingly. "Okay, lets make some breakfast now!" You drag the brothers to the messy granite counter.

You finish making pancakes, having fun trying to flip them in the air and one time hitting Romano in the face, which burned. You and Veneziano freaked and treated his burn right away, as Romano cussed and flailed as we tried to clean him up. Your stomach hurt from laughing so hard.
You ate pancakes together, laughing and talking about the movie and Mario Kart the night before. It always ended up in Romano blushing and growling as his brother giggled along with me.
Once you all finished eating, the boys helped you wash the dishes and put them away. You made a little assembly line, Romano would was the dish, Veneziano would dry and you would put them away.
"Okay boys what do you wanna do today?" you ask once you put away the last plate. They seem to be in thought, trying to find a place to go.
"Ve~ Let's go to the mall!" Veneziano offers.
"Yah, that's a good idea! There is a good little italian restaurant there and also an arcade!" you clapped your hands excitedly. Romano shrugged and you ran up the stairs to take a shower and get dressed.

You descended the stairs wearing a light white dress that flowed to your knees, and a light blue cardigan was at your shoulders. You wore wedges with light blue wedges and you had a small shoulder bag with some money, your phone, etc.
Veneziano wore an italian flag t-shirt and dark blue jeans, with red converse. Romano wore a red button up shirt and black skinny jeans. He wore simple dress shoes and a fedora as well.
"You guys ready to go?" you batted your eyelashes and stuck your tongue out. Romano smirked and flicked your forehead, grabbing the car keys and walking out of the house.
You took Veneziano's hand and walked out of the house as well. Romano was in the driver's seat and you sat in the back with Veneziano.

You feared your life as the italian drives at impossible speeds, and thanked go that the mall was near by. Romano spent a bit looking for a parking spot, cussing at a little blue car who "stole" his parking spot. After 10 minutes, you got settled and exited the vehicle, you held yourself steady on the cherry red ferrari.
"Please slow down a bit next time, Lovi." you wheezed. You had feared for your life. He laughed at you and you all walked into the large building.

"So you italians, what do you think about this restaurant?" you asked after you all finished eating you pasta.
"Meh. I could do-a better." Romano huffs, although he ate the pasta faster than you did, but not faster than Feliciano. Who finished his so quickly he demanded two more bowls.
"Ve~" Veneziano smiled, finishing his third bowl. The waiters stared at him oddly and you apologized, paying the bill and exiting the restaurant.
"Since I paid the bill and you freaked the customers out, you guys each have to buy me something!" you giggled as you dragged them into a bookstore.

Romano ended up buying you the 5th volume of your favorite manga and Veneziano bought you an adorable stuffed (favorite animal).
You skipped out grinning like an idiot and holding onto the bag of the presents they had bought you.
You all went to the arcade and spent most of your money on games that you and Romano raged and battled on forever, you kicking Romano's ass each time.
You played the dancing game with each of the brothers at least 20 times, again, freaking out everyone in the arcade.
Out of breath and completely tired, your trio exited the arcade and sat down at a bench in the middle of the mall, near the fountain. You just realized that many girls were giving you death glares, jealousy of you hanging with to beautiful italians.
You rolled your eyes and laid against the back of the bench, your friends doing the same.
"(name)-san!" you looked up and found your good friend Japan ran up to you.
"Oh hey Kiku!" you smiled, getting up and hugging him. He flinched a bit but he was used to your hugs now.
"Hello Feli-kun, Lovino-san." he bowed and Veneziano hugged him, he flinched again.
"I got your photos (name)! They were so kawaii!" he blushed, showing me a printed version of Veneziano and Romano sleeping together. They both looked at you and you laughed nervously.
"(NAME)!" Romano yelled. You squeaked and ran from him, chasing you around the mall. Veneziano laughed and Japan just blushed.
You loved your little italians. <3

First one: [link]

OMG A SEQUEL?! :iconexciteditalyplz:
I didn't say I was gonna continue this but I surprised you guys! :iconchibinitalyplz: :iconchibisitalyplz:
( A lot of people like the first one :iconpervyitalyplz: )
And some info, I'm working on RomanoxWinged!Reader right now but I'm on total writer's block and idk when I'm gonna continue SpainxRunaway!Reader, so please be patient with me! :iconcanadaderpplz:
Enjoy!~ :iconromanofailplz:

Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story belongs to :iconhetalianspice:
You belong to :iconitalybandaidplz: :iconmustashplz:
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