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January 4, 2013
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"But fratello~ I want (name) to sleep with me!" Italy whined. Romano twitched.
"No! You always get to sleep with (name), it's my turn!" he yelled. You sweat dropped, this is what happened every time you slept over with the Italy brothers, which always ended up in Feliciano crying and Lovino stomping away angrily.
"Now come on guys, can't we just eat pasta and deal with this later." you tried to settle things.
"No! My idiot brother always gets you to sleep with him by crying! Let me get out of my brothers shadow for once!" he turned red, and looked like he was about to cry. Not to mention Feliciano did too.
You sighed and ruffled both of their hairs, avoiding the stray curl**. (Yes, you know what it does)
"You know what, I love you both equally boys." you smiled. "But Lovi is right Feli, I slept with you last time." his eyes start to brim with tears. "BUT. I will settle this equally."
"How?" they both ask.
"We'll sleep together in the living room! Will just watch a movie, eat popcorn, and then curl up together on the floor with sleeping bags!" you say happily.
"I'd rather sleep in a bed than on the floor" Romano grimaces. Italy bounces up and down excitedly.
"I think its a great idea! Come on Roma!" he giggles, along with a few ve's due to his excitement. Romano shrugs.
"Okay! It's settled than, we'll sleep together in the living room!" you squee and continue eating your pasta.

~ Le Time Skip to After Dinner ~

"So what-a do we do-a now?" Romano asks, sprawling across the (f/c) couch in your living room. You searched the room the room for something to do and spotted your Wii.
"Let's play some Mario Kart! I got a few new Wii remotes last week for us to play together!" you said, starting to turn on the Wii and slid the game disc in the game system.
"Ve~ Let's-a play!" Italy cheers. "But Roma is not a great loser." he whispers, giggling. You shrugged, not expecting how much of a sore loser Romano was.

"Fuck you, bastard! I totally-a won-a that last race!" Romano yelled, about to throw the Wii remote at the large television screen.
"Calm down Lovi, I kicked your ass fair and square! And please do not break my Wii remote." you groaned.
Romano had lost at least every single game of Mario Kart you played, and he either blamed his brother, the game, or the Wii remote itself.
You sighed after your 6th game and turned off the Wii console.
"I think we've played enough tonight. I'll make some popcorn and you guys can pick a movie for us to watch. Please don't fight again like last time, please pick the same movie." you warned them and exited to the kitchen.
As you cooked the popcorn you heard a few crashes, Romano swearing, and finally silence.
"Are you guys okay in there?" you asked, brushing some of your (l/c) (h/c) hair out of your face. The living room didn't seem destroyed, only few DVDs scattered across the floor.
"No, we're fine (name), don't worry!" Italy smiled, looking through the DVDs with his brother, who was growling and pouting.
You nodded, and went back to the kitchen to tend to your popcorn and grabbed a few drinks. When you walked back into the living room, random commercials from the movie played out on the television screen and the two brothers sat on the couch, leaving a large spot between them for you to sit.
You sat down and started watching the movie. They chose an action italian mafia movie that wasn't too gory for your taste.
You sat through the movie in a comfortable silence, eating, drinking, and laughing or groaning at certain parts of the movie.
You snuck occasional glances at each of the brothers throughout the movie, noticing how hard they struggled to stay awake, their eyelids growing heavier and heavier.
Once the end credits rolled across the screen, you put away the movie disc and turned off the television. You grabbed the bowl that once had popcorn and the few empty soda cans.
"I'm gonna go and clean up and then grab something from my room, so sit tight okay? I'll be back in a minute." you say. They both nod tiredly and you exit the living room.
You wash the dishes and throw away the empty can, which took you a little while.
Worried the boys would get bored, you hurried to your room to retrieve a large italian flag blanket you made for them as a gift.
Smiling, you re-entered the living room to find the two italians sleeping soundly, leaning against one another. Romano's face was calm and peaceful, which made him look cuter than when he was angry all the time, and Italy was 10x cuter than when he was awake.
You laid the blanket across the sleeping boys and nearly squealed by how kawaii they were.
You ran to your room and grabbed your camera. You snapped tons of pictures. You reminded yourself to send them to Kiku later.
When your fangerling died down, you smiled warmly at them and kissed both of them on the forehead.
"Good night my silly italians." you whispered and left the two to rest.

**Since many people have asked me what their curls do lately, I'll just that it is an erogenous zone. So when you pull on it they get turned on! Please read this before asking me that question again! :)
My second reader insert, I don't even know if it is that good or not... :iconromanosulkplz: :iconitalysulkplz:
Please tell me what I could work and if the first one was better or not! (I think it was) :icondepressedplz:
But either way, enjoy your italian sillies! :iconyayitalyplz: :iconyayromanoplz:

Story belongs to :iconhetalianspice:
Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to :iconsexyitalyplz: :iconsexyromanoplz:
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